Cartmel Racecourse,Cumbria : A Must See When Visiting The Area


Visiting Cartmel Racecourse in Cumbria is an experience beyond ordinary travel. Picture a vibrant scene with galloping horses in a picturesque English village setting. Here you’ll find the charm of traditional horse racing combined with breathtaking landscapes. Nestled in the heart of Cumbria, this racecourse offers more than just races.

Families and friends gather on lush green fields, making it a perfect day out. Have you ever been to a place where history mingles beautifully with excitement? That’s what you get here. Cartmel isn’t just about the races; it’s an event.

You’ll find local food stands surrounding the course, a delight for foodies. The atmosphere buzzes with energy and cheers. Make sure to soak in the scenic beauty around you. Small shops line the village streets, adding to the unique appeal.

Horse enthusiasts will love the rich culture of the sport here. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone. The sense of community and fun is palpable.

On race days, people of all ages come together. Imagine the joy and laughter as people cheer for their favorite horses. It’s more than entertainment; it’s a tradition. Don’t miss out on this delightful spot when you’re in the area.

Cartmel Racecourse, Cumbria

Artists impression of – Cartmel Racecourse,Cumbria : A Must See When Visiting The Area

Have you ever been to the Cartmel Racecourse in Cumbria? If not, you’re missing out on a gem. This place isn’t just for horse racing enthusiasts. It’s a fun and vibrant spot, brimming with history and excitement. Families, friends, and even solo travelers find it enjoyable.

The racecourse stands proudly within the picturesque village of Cartmel. Rolling hills and green meadows surround it. Not only are the races thrilling, but the setting itself is stunning. You can experience the beauty of nature and high-energy events all at once.

While you’re there, take a moment to stroll around. The village offers delightful shops and cafes. There’s always something delicious to eat or interesting to buy. People often rave about the sticky toffee pudding from this area. It’s a local favorite and well worth a try.

Looking for history? Cartmel doesn’t disappoint. The racecourse dates back to 1856. Generations of visitors have enjoyed it for more than a century. The ancient priory nearby adds an extra layer of charm. History buffs find a lot to appreciate here.

Ever tried a picnic with a race in the background? At Cartmel, it’s possible. Numerous visitors bring their own food and drinks. They pick a spot on the grass, lay out a blanket, and enjoy an afternoon of fun. It’s a unique way to enjoy a day at the races.

The atmosphere bursts with excitement and anticipation. Each race brings its own thrill. The crowd’s energy is contagious. First-time visitors quickly get caught up in the enthusiasm. Even if you don’t follow horse racing closely, you’re likely to find yourself cheering along.

Planning a visit? Check the race days in advance. They occur a few times a year, primarily in the summer. Each event has its own charm, with special themes and activities. A day at Cartmel Racecourse, Cumbria, provides memories that last a lifetime.

History of Cartmel Racecourse

Artists impression of – Cartmel Racecourse,Cumbria : A Must See When Visiting The Area

The Early Days

Cartmel Racecourse has a rich backstory. Its beginnings date back to 1856. Racing here is tied deeply to the local culture. This course is one of the UK’s most scenic. Many say it’s like stepping back in time.

The Setting and Traditions

Set within the picturesque village of Cartmel, the racecourse offers more than just horse racing. Surrounded by the stunning landscape of Cumbria, it combines sport with beauty. The traditions here go back over a century. Visitors experience a classic racing atmosphere.

Development Over Time

Over the years, the racecourse has seen significant growth. Facilities have kept up with modern demands. Despite changes, it maintains an old-world charm. This blend makes it popular among all age groups. Racing events draw people from far and wide.

Local Influence and Community

The racecourse is a hub for the local community. Events here bring everyone together. It fosters a sense of unity and tradition. Generations of families have attended races here. They pass down stories and memories.

Modern Times

Today, it stands as a testament to tradition and progress. Technological improvements enhance the experience without losing heritage. The unique charm remains evident to all. It continues to be a must-see attraction for anyone in Cumbria.

Facilities at Cartmel Racecourse

Artists impression of – Cartmel Racecourse,Cumbria : A Must See When Visiting The Area

Cartmel Racecourse offers a variety of amenities to make your day out enjoyable. Upon arrival, you’ll find ample parking spaces. These spots are conveniently located near the entrance, so you won’t have to walk far. For those taking public transport, shuttle services run regularly.

Catering and Refreshments

Plenty of food stalls await you inside. From traditional fish and chips to gourmet burgers, there’s something for everyone. Want something sweet? Try one of the dessert vendors offering ice creams, cakes, and pastries. Thirsty? Various bars provide a range of beverages, including local ales and fine wines.

Seating and Viewing Areas

Several seating options enhance your experience. Grandstands offer a perfect view of the track. Prefer to bring your own seating? Picnic areas are scattered throughout the grounds, ideal for a more relaxed feel. You can also rent a gazebo if you’re planning a group visit.

Entertainment and Activities

Kids are not left out. Cartmel Racecourse provides several activities to keep younger visitors occupied. Bouncy castles, face painting, and play areas ensure fun for all. For those interested in history, check out the small museum located on-site.


Accessibility is a priority. Ramps and reserved seating areas cater to those with mobility needs. Accessible restrooms are available throughout the venue. All staff members are trained to assist visitors who require extra help.


Various stalls sell unique souvenirs. From racing memorabilia to local crafts, you’ll find a memento to take home. Additionally, a small market area offers fresh produce and artisanal goods, allowing you to sample Cumbria’s finest.

Customer Service

For any queries, information desks are dotted around the racecourse. Friendly staff are always on hand to guide you, answer questions, and make your visit seamless and pleasant.

Cartmel Racecourse, Cumbria, certainly ensures a memorable outing for all.

Famous Races at Cartmel Racecourse

June Bank Holiday Meeting

The June Bank Holiday Meeting is one of the top attractions. Folks from far and wide gather to witness the excitement. It occurs every summer, drawing huge crowds. Over the course of three days, spectators enjoy thrilling competitions. The festive atmosphere adds to the charm. People of all ages come to enjoy this event. There’s always plenty of food and entertainment available. This meeting is perfect for families and friends seeking fun.

Whit Holiday Meeting

Another notable event is the Whit Holiday Meeting. It usually takes place in late May or early June. Historical races have long captured admirers’ interest. Expect an electrifying ambiance throughout this event. Watch racers give their best performances. Eager onlookers line the tracks, cheering on their favorites. The experience remains unforgettable for many attendees. Visiting during this time feels even more rewarding.

August Holiday Meeting

August brings yet another delight with the August Holiday Meeting. Visitors should mark their calendars for this thrilling event. The atmosphere at the racecourse buzzes with excitement. It’s a delightful testament to equestrian talent. Packed with excitement from start to finish. Attendees witness mesmerizing performances all day long. This event attracts numerous horse racing fans. A great mix of tradition and excitement always waits.

May Raceday

May Raceday also features prominently on the calendar. Scheduled late spring, it marks a brilliant start. Racing enthusiasts look forward to this day. Performances during this event are impressive. Many find themselves captivated by the action. It’s a splendid opportunity to enjoy some fresh air. Spectators not only watch but also participate. There’s something unique about this usual May event.

Cartmel Racecourse in GREAT BRITAIN

Cartmel Racecourse, nestled in the picturesque village of Cartmel in Cumbria, offers a truly engaging experience. It’s located in one of England’s most charming regions. The setting feels almost magical, surrounded by beautiful countryside and historic landmarks.

With its origins tracing back to the 12th century, the racecourse boasts a rich history. The atmosphere on race days is exhilarating. Families gather, and there’s a sense of community. Even those new to horse racing will find it thrilling.

Unlike other racecourses, Cartmel stands out for its friendly vibe. Picnic spots are scattered around, letting visitors relax while watching the races. The grounds themselves are stunning, with views that captivate.

Events at Cartmel go beyond horse racing. There are food festivals showcasing local flavors and craft stalls displaying handmade goods. Children’s activities are planned, ensuring everyone has a great time. It’s not just a place for adults but for the entire family.

Accessing the racecourse is quite easy. Plenty of parking is available, and public transport routes lead directly to the site. It’s a well-organized affair, providing visitors with convenience.

A visit to Cartmel Racecourse feels like more than just an event. It offers a slice of British culture, wrapped in a joyful experience. From the excitement of the races to the simple pleasure of a picnic, it captivates anyone who goes there.


What is Cartmel Racecourse?

It’s a historic and charming racecourse located in Cumbria. It’s known for its picturesque setting.

When are the races held?

Most races are on holidays, especially bank holidays. They span from May through August.

How can I buy tickets?

Purchase online through the official website. Tickets are also available at the gate, but online is more convenient.

Is parking available?

Yes, ample parking is on-site. Arrive early to secure a spot.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely! It’s family-friendly with activities for kids. A great day out for all ages.

Are there food options?

Many choices await you, from casual snacks to gourmet fare. Bring a picnic if you prefer.

Is there accommodation nearby?

Plenty of lodging options are in the village. From cozy inns to luxury hotels, there’s something for everyone.

What should I wear?

Comfortable and casual works best. Check the weather and dress accordingly.

Can I bet on races?

Yes, betting is available at the racecourse. Have fun, but gamble responsibly.

What time should I arrive?

Arriving a couple of hours before the first race is ideal. It allows time to explore.

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed, except for service animals. Leave your furry friends at home.

Are there any special events?

Yes, aside from races, events like fairs and festivals occur throughout the year. Check the website for dates.

How accessible is the racecourse?

The racecourse offers good accessibility for those with disabilities. Facilities cater to various needs.

Can I get a refund if it rains?

Refund policies depend on the ticket type. Check terms and conditions when purchasing.

Is there a dress code?

There is no strict dress code; casual attire is fine. However, some may choose to dress up a bit.

What else can I do nearby?

Explore the village of Cartmel, known for its medieval priory and local cuisine. It’s a delight.

How do I get to Cartmel Racecourse?

By car, follow signs from major roads. Public transport options include buses and trains to nearby stations.

Is there a map of the grounds?

Yes, maps are available at the entrance. They help you navigate the area.

Are there ATMs on-site?

ATMs are available if you need cash. However, bringing some beforehand is wise.

Is it worth visiting outside race days?

Definitely, the area is beautiful and has charming scenery and local attractions even without the races.

What if I have more questions?

Visit the official website or contact their customer service. They’re happy to help!

Cartmel Racecourse, Cumbria: A Must See When Visiting the Area

Your Next Adventure Awaits

Visiting Cartmel Racecourse in Cumbria isn’t just another item to tick off your to-do list; it’s an experience that fascinates. Every inch of this place offers something remarkable. You find history, elegance, and excitement all wrapped into one.

A day out here means more than just watching horse races. Picture yourself savoring local foods, chatting with fellow enthusiasts, and soaking in the scenery. The picturesque village and its long tradition add a layer of charm hard to encounter elsewhere. You don’t just observe history; you live it.

Each turn at Cartmel Racecourse can surprise you. Maybe it’s the unexpected thrill of a close race, or the joy of discovering a cozy little spot where you can relax. The staff handle the workload of making every visitor feel special with utter professionalism. Knowing this makes the trip much more enjoyable.

People often underestimate the variety offered. Whether you are a die-hard fan or new to it all, everyone finds something captivating. Picture-postcard landscapes blend perfectly with the vibrant community spirit here.

In conclusion, make room on your itinerary for Cartmel Racecourse. Being a part of this environment leaves you with cherished memories. Nature, excitement, culture—it’s all here waiting for you.

So when planning your next trip, remember to save space for this gem in Cumbria. After all, one day spent here could be the highlight of your journey. Don’t miss out; come experience Cartmel Racecourse to the fullest.


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