Fontwell Park Racecourse,West Sussex : Behind The Gates


Welcome to Fontwell Park Racecourse, a place where excitement and tradition come alive. Located in West Sussex, this racecourse isn’t just a spot for horse races; it’s a whole experience. Visitors find themselves intrigued by the rich racing history that Fontwell Park boasts. Whether you’re a long-time racing fan or a newcomer, there’s always something new to discover.

Ever been curious about what happens behind the gates? You’re in luck because we’ve got a special look at the horses and the preparations that make each race day unique. The atmosphere here is electric, filled with eager spectators and moments of pure thrill.

Not only do you get to watch the races, but you also get to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Lush green spaces and well-kept facilities contribute to a perfect day out. One can almost feel the pulse of the racecourse, from the initial adrenaline rush to the cheers of the crowds.

Engaging in this environment, you quickly grasp why Fontwell Park has captivated audiences for so many years. The combination of sport and community spirit forms a bond that’s hard to replicate. Even the most casual observer can’t help but get swept up in the excitement.

It’s a place where memories are made. Friends gather, families enjoy a day out, and everyone gets a taste of this vibrant scene. The charm of Fontwell Park isn’t limited to the track. Beyond the races, it’s a hub for social interaction and shared joy.

In this article, we aim to pull back the curtain and guide you through the realms most spectators never see. We’ll delve into the nooks and crannies that make this venue special. Ready to explore? Let’s embark on this journey together.

Fontwell Park Racecourse, West Sussex

Artists impression of – Fontwell Park Racecourse,West Sussex : Behind The Gates

Have you ever been to Fontwell Park Racecourse? Nestled in the heart of West Sussex, it’s a charming venue. From horse races to family days out, there’s something for everyone. The ambience alone is worth a visit. With its rich history and scenic surroundings, it stands out among racecourses. You can feel the excitement in the air as soon as you arrive.

Walking through the gates, a sense of anticipation builds. Eager fans, friendly staff, and the sight of thoroughbreds create a vibrant scene. There are different spots to explore. The grandstand provides an excellent view of the track. For a more relaxed experience, the lawns are perfect. You can bring a picnic or enjoy food stalls.

Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with horse racing. It’s easy to pick up with a little help. The locals are always happy to explain. Plus, there are program booklets that help with understanding the basics. Whether you’re betting or just watching, the thrill is undeniable.

Events and Activities

Fontwell Park isn’t just about racing. Diverse events happen year-round. Concerts, fairs, and family fun days frequently fill the calendar. Special themed days make it even more enjoyable. Kids’ entertainment often includes face painting, bouncy castles, and games. There’s always something to look forward to.

How to Get There

Getting to Fontwell Park is straightforward. It’s conveniently located near major roads. Public transport options are available as well. Buses and trains run frequently, making it accessible for everyone. Once you arrive, ample parking is provided.


The racecourse offers excellent hospitality. Various packages aim to suit different needs. Premium options include private boxes with exclusive views. There are also casual dining choices. Food and drink are abundant, catering to all tastes. From classic British fare to international cuisine, there’s plenty to pick from.


Fontwell Park Racecourse in West Sussex is more than just a place for races. It’s a community hub and a venue full of life. Whether visiting for the first time or returning, it remains inviting. Experience it yourself to understand why everyone enjoys it.

History of Fontwell Park Racecourse

Artists impression of – Fontwell Park Racecourse,West Sussex : Behind The Gates

Fontwell Park Racecourse in West Sussex has a rich history. It was established in 1924 by Alfred Day. The site was originally used for training racehorses. Before becoming a racecourse, it had been farmland. People would often gather to watch training sessions back then.

Over the years, Fontwell gained popularity. It became renowned for its figure-eight course. This odd design is rare. Most courses don’t have such layouts. Racing enthusiasts found it thrilling.

During World War II, it faced challenges. The site was used by the military. Races were halted. Yet, it rebounded quickly once peacetime returned. The racecourse saw new investments.

In 1984, the Queen Mother unveiled new stands. This event drew large crowds. It wasn’t just about the races. The place began to grow as a social hub. Many enjoyed spending their days there.

Modern times have seen more upgrades. Today it hosts various events. These include family fun days and concerts. Efforts are made to maintain its charm. The course’s unique design remains a big draw.

Racing continues to be the main activity. Famous horses and jockeys compete here. Every race day attracts excitement. The community values the racecourse deeply.

Ongoing developments aim to attract new visitors. Future generations will likely enjoy it as much as past ones. This proud establishment remains a testament to its enduring appeal.

Facilities at Fontwell Park Racecourse

Artists impression of – Fontwell Park Racecourse,West Sussex : Behind The Gates

When you visit Fontwell Park Racecourse, you’ll experience a range of excellent facilities. This place really has something for everyone. Whether you’re there for the races or an event, comfort and convenience are key.

Grandstands and Viewpoints

Let’s start with the grandstands. They offer fantastic views of the entire track. You can sit back and enjoy the action, right in front of you. Multiple seating options ensure everyone finds a spot. The views are spectacular, making you feel part of the race.

Dining Options

Feeling hungry? There is a variety of food choices available. Enjoy everything from fine dining to quick bites. The restaurants serve delicious meals, perfect for any occasion. For those in a hurry, food stalls offer tasty, quick options. You won’t leave disappointed.

Bars and Refreshments

Quench your thirst at one of the many bars. They serve a wide selection of drinks. Whether you fancy a soft drink or something stronger, you’re covered. Bars are spread throughout the venue for easy access. Enjoy refreshment without missing any action.

Betting Facilities

Love to bet? There are plenty of betting booths around. They’re easy to find and use. Screens display the latest odds and race information. Even beginners can place a bet effortlessly. It’s all part of the race day excitement.

Parking and Accessibility

Worried about parking? Don’t be. There are ample spaces available. The car parks are close to the main areas. Access for disabled visitors is also considered. There are facilities to make sure everyone has a pleasant day out.

Private Boxes and Suites

Looking for a premium experience? Book one of the private boxes. They provide a VIP feel. With exceptional service and comfort, it’s a special way to enjoy the races. Perfect for celebrations or corporate events. You’ll be treated to the utmost care.

Conference and Event Spaces

Hosting an event? This venue offers versatile spaces. From small meetings to large conferences, they have it all. Equipped with modern amenities, your event will run smoothly. The staff here assist in planning and executing everything.

Famous Races at Fontwell Park Racecourse

Fontwell Park Racecourse in West Sussex is home to several notable races that draw spectators from all over. These events have a rich tradition and a distinct atmosphere. One of the racecourse’s most prestigious events is the National Spirit Hurdle. This race, named after the famous National Spirit, is a Grade 2 hurdle race that occurs annually. It often attracts top-quality horses and jockeys.

Another significant race is the Southern National. Aptly named, this event takes place in November and features some challenging jumps. Horses and riders face a demanding course, making it a thrilling race to watch. This race doesn’t just test speed but also stamina and strategy.

The Sussex National is another event that garners attention. Held in January, this race is known for its grueling length and challenging conditions. The high stakes and tough course make it a must-see for racing enthusiasts. It’s a real test of endurance for both horse and rider.

The Easter Festival is a crowd favorite as well. It spans several days and includes a variety of races, catering to different levels of participants. Families often attend, adding a fun and lively atmosphere. Besides the races themselves, the festival offers a range of other activities.

Each of these races brings something special to Fontwell Park. They keep the spirit of competitive horse racing alive, year after year. The excitement and challenge ensure they hold a prominent place in the racing calendar. Fans often look forward to the return of these iconic races.

In summary, the races at Fontwell Park are varied and exciting. They offer a mix of challenge, tradition, and entertainment. With events like the National Spirit Hurdle, Southern National, and the Sussex National, there’s always something to look forward to.

Fontwell Park in GREAT BRITAIN

Fontwell Park Racecourse, located in West Sussex, is a special place in Great Britain. It holds a piece of history and charm. People come from all over to enjoy the horse racing events here. It’s been around since 1924, so it’s one of the older racecourses.

The Scenic Beauty

The scenery around the course is breathtaking. The lush green landscapes provide a beautiful backdrop. It’s not just about racing; there are paths to walk and open spaces to relax. Friends and families often gather here for a day out.

More Than Just Races

Fontwell Park offers more than just horse racing. Events like weddings and meetings are also held here. This versatility makes it a sought-after venue. Everyone finds something to enjoy.

Rich History

The racecourse has witnessed many important moments. Original designs and structures still stand. Walking through the gates feels like stepping back in time. History enthusiasts love exploring this place.

Accessible for Everyone

Another reason for its popularity is accessibility. Whether by car, bus, or train, getting there is straightforward. Facilities cater to all, ensuring a comfortable visit for everyone.

Community Spirit

Fontwell Park is a hub for the local community. Events and activities bring people together. There’s a strong sense of belonging and excitement here.

Why Visit?

People visit for many reasons. Some come for the thrill of the races. Others enjoy the serene environment and historical significance. Whatever the reason, this place leaves a lasting impression.

Visiting Fontwell Park Racecourse, West Sussex, is more than just an outing. It’s an experience and an adventure. The blend of tradition and modern amenities makes it stand out. Next time you’re in Great Britain, make sure to add this to your list.


What is the best way to get to Fontwell Park Racecourse?

Most visitors travel by car. You can easily find parking right on site. Some prefer public transport. Local buses stop nearby. Trains are another option. The closest station is Barnham, just a short taxi ride away.

What types of events are held at Fontwell Park?

Of course, horse racing is the main event. More than just races, you’ll also find conferences and weddings. Trade shows and family fun days are popular as well.

Are there dining options available?

Yes, several food choices exist. From casual eateries to fine dining, there’s something for everyone. Bars serve a variety of drinks too.

Can I bring children?

Absolutely, kids are welcome. Many events cater to families. There’s even a play area to keep them entertained.

Is the racecourse accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, it’s very accessible. Ramps and lifts are available. Special viewing areas are also provided.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online. Purchasing in advance is recommended. Some events sell out quickly.

What should I wear?

Dress codes depend on the event. Smart casual is common for races. Always check specific event guidelines.

Are there any restrictions?

Certain items are not allowed. For safety, check the venue’s rules and policies. It’s better to know before you go.

Is there a way to watch the races if I can’t attend?

Yes, races are often broadcasted. Many fans watch online or on TV. Websites provide live updates too.

How can I find out about upcoming events?

Visit the official website. Social media pages are also updated regularly. Joining an email list provides event alerts.

What’s the history of Fontwell Park Racecourse?

Over 90 years of history make it fascinating. Founded in 1924, it has hosted many thrilling races. Rich in tradition, it’s much-loved by enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Fontwell Park Racecourse, West Sussex, offers a delightful glimpse behind the gates of one of England’s cherished racetracks. At this venue, you’ll find more than just horse racing; you’ll discover a community rich in history and culture. Whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or new to the scene, Fontwell Park provides an entertaining experience with something for everyone.

Meeting the dedicated jockeys and observing their craft adds a personal touch to your visit. These athletes train tirelessly, showcasing endurance and skill every race day. It’s not just horses and races; it’s watching teamwork in action.

Walking around, you’ll notice the picturesque surroundings. Trees and lush fields set a peaceful backdrop. Such tranquility complements the thrill of the races perfectly.

Don’t overlook the food. The local vendors offer delicious treats that make your visit more enjoyable. Refreshments and snacks cater to various tastes, ensuring you stay well-fed throughout your time there.

We hope this behind-the-scenes look has sparked your interest in visiting. Fontwell Park Racecourse holds a special place for those who appreciate both the sport and the social atmosphere it fosters.

Bring your friends and family along. Together, you can create lasting memories in this charming location. And remember, keep an eye out for the next race; it might just be the highlight of your year.

As we wrap up, #anchor_text_5#, let’s treasure not only the winning moments but also the collective joy that events like these bring.

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