Hippodrome De La Crau,Salon-De-Provence : Exploring The History And Facilities


Imagine stepping into a place where history and horse racing come alive. The Hippodrome de la Crau in Salon-de-Provence offers just that. Nestled in the heart of Provence, this charming venue has something for everyone. The track has seen many changes through the years. It has become a beloved destination for various events, not just races.

Picture the thrilling sight of horses galloping past the post. People from all walks of life flock to this venue. The anticipation is contagious as the hoofbeats echo around. Every visit offers a chance to witness amazing athleticism and skilled jockeys in action. The vibrant atmosphere never fails to captivate visitors.

Built decades ago, the facility has stood the test of time. As a matter of fact, it has witnessed countless memorable moments. Each corner of the hippodrome has a story waiting to be told. You can almost feel the passion and dedication that has been poured into maintaining this place. The local community takes great pride in their beloved track.

As you explore, you’ll find that it’s more than just a place for races. There are ample amenities to enjoy. Families can gather and enjoy picnics on the expansive grounds. The venue is designed to accommodate everyone, making it a perfect spot for social gatherings. Special events add to the charm, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Whether you are a long-time racing fan or new to the scene, there is always something to discover. The rich tapestry of its history and the excitement of the races make every visit worthwhile. So next time you’re in Salon-de-Provence, don’t miss the chance to experience this unique blend of heritage and entertainment.

Hippodrome de la Crau, Salon-de-Provence

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The Hippodrome de la Crau is a well-known venue nestled in Salon-de-Provence. With a rich history, this racecourse has been a central part of the region’s culture for many years. People visit from far and wide to experience its vibrant atmosphere.

History is something that this place has in spades. Opened in the early 20th century, it quickly became a favorite for horse racing enthusiasts. Locals will tell you tales of thrilling races and memorable events that have taken place here. Each season brings new excitement, attracting fans and families alike.

The facilities here are designed to make sure everyone has a great time. There are top-notch stables for the horses, complete with all necessary amenities. This ensures the animals are well cared for. The grandstand offers an excellent view of the track, so you won’t miss any part of the action. Moreover, there are numerous food stalls and refreshment areas. Whether you’re craving a snack or a full meal, options are aplenty.

Parking is ample and well-organized, making it convenient for visitors. Families often enjoy the spacious areas where kids can play safely. The atmosphere here is always lively yet welcoming.

Regularly, the venue hosts events aside from horse racing too. Things like fairs, exhibitions, and even concerts are part of the calendar. This diversity keeps the place buzzing with activities throughout the year.

If you’ve never been, visiting the Hippodrome de la Crau in Salon-de-Provence is something worth putting on your list. Whether for the thrill of the races or simply to soak in the culture, it’s an experience you won’t easily forget.

History of the Racecourse

Artists impression of – Hippodrome De La Crau,Salon-De-Provence : Exploring The History And Facilities

The Hippodrome de la Crau, located in Salon-de-Provence, has a storied past. Originally opened in the early 20th century, this racecourse became an important site for horse racing enthusiasts. Over the years, improvements and expansions were made to better accommodate spectators and participants.

In its early days, the racecourse was modest, but enthusiasm for horse racing spurred growth. The community quickly rallied around the track, giving it local significance. Residential neighborhoods developed nearby, showing the commune’s dedication to the sport.

By mid-century, the facilities had seen substantial modernization efforts. This included the introduction of new stables and spectator stands. These changes drew larger crowds, further solidifying its place in the regional culture. Modern events bring even more attendees, thanks to ongoing renovations.

Throughout its history, the site has hosted numerous memorable races. Many renowned jockeys got their start here. Notable events are often the backbone of its calendar, driving high levels of participation and fanfare.

The racecourse not only serves as an arena for competition but also as a haven for horse lovers. Training facilities are enhanced continuously, catering to both amateur and professional riders. These elements shape an environment that supports both sport and leisure.

Understanding the history of this venue is crucial to appreciating its present-day charm. Each development over the decades has added to its rich tapestry. The community’s investment in this space truly reflects Salon-de-Provence’s passion for horse racing.

Location within France

Artists impression of – Hippodrome De La Crau,Salon-De-Provence : Exploring The History And Facilities

You’d think finding a gem like the Hippodrome in France would be challenging, but it’s not! Nestled in the charming town of Salon-de-Provence, this hippodrome sits perfectly positioned in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. This southern part of France bursts with culture and history. It’s a quick drive from Marseille, making it easily accessible.

Salon-de-Provence itself is a delightful place. Besides the hippodrome, you’ll find quaint streets and old buildings. Tourists often marvel at its preserved beauty. Many take the opportunity to explore the beautiful Provençal countryside. Rolling hills and lavender fields are just a stone’s throw away.

The region’s history is as rich as its landscape. Salon-de-Provence offers a peek into France’s past. The town is famous for Nostradamus, who lived there in the 16th century. His house has turned into a museum, attracting many visitors.

When you venture out to the hippodrome, the scenic route itself becomes part of the experience. Visitors often remark how the journey enhances the day. Rich green spaces unfold before your eyes. Sparsely populated vineyards remind you of the old-world charm.

From bustling Marseille, the travel route is straightforward. Public transport is reliable and frequent. For those driving, the well-maintained highways offer a smooth journey. Salon-de-Provence, though a small town, is globally connected. Major airports nearby add to its accessibility.

Each season brings its own charm. During summer, the warm weather makes for pleasant activities. Winter provides a quieter, more introspective experience. This ensures that no matter when you visit, Salon-de-Provence remains captivating.

Even though modern, the town maintains a quaint, old-world atmosphere. This blend of new and old creates a unique experience. Hippodrome de la Crau, Salon-de-Provence, is more than just an equestrian venue. It’s a gateway to exploring one of the most beautiful regions in France.

Facilities Available

Welcome to the Hippodrome de la Crau, Salon-de-Provence! Curious about what facilities are available? Let’s dive right in.

Starting with the seating areas, there are grandstands that offer fantastic views of the tracks. Whether you’re a casual spectator or a dedicated fan, these spots are designed for comfort. Food and drink options abound, ensuring no one goes hungry. Concessions sell a variety of snacks and meals.

If you’re looking for something a bit more special, VIP areas provide an exclusive experience. These sections include private boxes equipped with comfortable seating and dedicated service. Perfect for a more relaxed viewing experience.

Families will be pleased with the kid-friendly zones. Play areas keep children entertained while parents watch the races. Safety and fun are top priorities here. It’s a great way to enjoy a family outing.

How about the facilities for the horses? High-quality stables are provided. Everything needed to care for these magnificent animals is on-site, from feeding areas to grooming stations. The welfare of the horses is paramount.

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes action, guided tours offer a closer look. These tours visit various parts of the hippodrome, including the training areas. They’re informative and engaging.

There’s also ample parking available for all visitors. Accessible parking spots are close to the entrances, making it easy for everyone to join in on the fun. No need to worry about finding a place to park.

Finally, let’s talk about betting. For those who enjoy placing a wager, facilities are both modern and easy to use. Kiosks and online options make betting straightforward. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

Hope this gives you a clear picture of the facilities at Hippodrome de la Crau! It’s more than just a racecourse – it’s a place for everyone to enjoy.

Famous Races at Hippodrome de la Crau

The Hippodrome de la Crau in Salon-de-Provence has hosted some thrilling races over the years. The famous Grand Prix de Salon is a crowd favorite. Experienced jockeys from various regions compete in this prestigious event. Spectators gather eagerly to watch their favorite horses gallop to victory.

Another notable race is the Prix de la Crau. It attracts top talent from across the country. This event offers spectators high excitement and majestic displays of equestrian skill. Local media often cover the event, adding to its popularity.

On weekends, the Hippodrome becomes a lively venue. Family and friends come together to enjoy other notable contests like the Provence Derby. These contests never fail to deliver exhilarating performances and memorable moments.

An old race, Le Trophée des As, brings a touch of tradition. This race dates back several decades. People love its sense of history and the respect it commands in the racing community. The atmosphere is electric during this event.

From time to time, special invitational races are organized. These occasions feature unique twists or celebrity participants, drawing larger audiences. With each version, the anticipation builds.

The Hippodrome de la Crau boasts a calendar of diverse and exciting events that entertain and engage racing enthusiasts of all ages.


What is the Hippodrome de la Crau?

The Hippodrome de la Crau, located in Salon-de-Provence, is a well-known racecourse. It’s a hub for horse racing enthusiasts and a place rich with history.

When was it established?

It was established many years ago, specifically in 1936. Over time, it has become a prominent venue in the region.

What kind of events are held there?

Mainly, they host horse racing events. Occasionally, other related activities and community events also take place there.

How can I attend an event?

Attending an event is fairly easy. Tickets can be purchased online, or at the venue on race days.

Is there parking available?

Yes, ample parking is available for visitors. It’s convenient and close to the main entrance.

Are there any dining options?

Several food and beverage options can be found. They range from snacks to full meals, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Can I bring my family?

Absolutely, it’s a family-friendly location. Children enjoy various activities available on event days.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is mostly casual. However, for special events, a more formal attire might be encouraged.

Is the venue accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, it is fully accessible. They have ensured facilities meet accessibility standards.

How can I get more information?

For more details, visiting their official website is advisable. Alternatively, contacting their customer service directly can also help.

Final Thoughts

So, what makes the Hippodrome de la Crau, Salon-de-Provence special? First, its history is rich and fascinating. Secondly, its modern facilities cater to all ages and interests. Whether you’re passionate about horse racing or just looking for a fun day out, the hippodrome offers a little something for everyone.

Stepping into this venue, one can feel the echoes of past triumphs and dreams realized. Racing enthusiasts appreciate the thrill of watching horses sprint past the post. Newcomers often find themselves drawn in by the excitement. Not just a place for races, it’s a venue where memories are made.

The staff works tirelessly to make every visit enjoyable. They ensure everything runs smoothly, rain or shine. The beauty of the track and its surroundings add charm to the overall experience. Families and friends gather here, creating bonds and stories to tell.

Each visit brings a new adventure. Whether you’re there for a big race or just exploring, the Hippodrome de la Crau offers a special kind of magic. For those who haven’t yet experienced it, a visit is highly recommended.

In conclusion, it’s more than just a spot for horse racing. It’s a place where history meets the present, and every guest is part of the story. Remember to watch as the horses go past the post, and you might find a favorite to cheer for next time. Enjoy your visit and make the most of what it has to offer.

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