Best Pegasus Names With Meaning


Key Takeaways:

  • Pegasus names can be inspired by various sources, including mythology, nature, and the characteristics of the creature itself.
  • Popular Pegasus names include Pegasus, Perseus, and Andromeda, all of which have strong connections to Greek mythology.
  • Some unique Pegasus names to consider are Zephyr, Aurora, and Apollo, which all have beautiful meanings related to the sky and celestial beings.
  • What Is A Pegasus?

    In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a majestic and immortal winged horse with a divine origin, symbolizing mythical beauty and grace.

    According to the myth, Pegasus was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa after Perseus beheaded her. Despite being a mythical creature, Pegasus has been revered for its symbolic significance, representing inspiration and the power of the divine. Its ability to fly and its association with the Muses in Greek mythology further emphasizes its symbolic importance. Pegasus often appears as a symbol of wisdom and fame in various cultural depictions, showcasing its enduring legacy and influence in art, literature, and popular culture.

    What Are Some Popular Pegasus Names?

    Several popular names are associated with Pegasus, reflecting its portrayal in Greek mythology and its presence in popular culture, such as the characters from Little Pony, Friendship Magic, and the iconic references in Harry Potter.


    The name Pegasus, derived from Greek mythology, represents the mythical winged horse known for its grace and beauty, often depicted as a symbol of divine inspiration and freedom.

    Pegasus holds a significant place in Greek mythology, being born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa after she was slain by the hero Perseus. This remarkable creature is often associated with unicorn-like attributes, such as purity and strength.

    One of the most famous tales involving Pegasus is its role in helping Bellerophon defeat the Chimera. This divine horse has captured the imaginations of countless individuals throughout history, symbolizing power, imagination, and the ability to transcend earthly limitations.


    Bellerophon, a name intertwined with Greek mythology and the narrative of Pegasus, serves as a source of inspiration with profound meanings derived from its mythological context.

    The name ‘Bellerophon’ originates from ancient Greek myths. He was a hero known for taming the winged horse, Pegasus, and defeating the monstrous Chimera. The tale of Bellerophon’s courage and resilience has been a symbol of bravery and strength throughout history. The bond between Bellerophon and Pegasus symbolizes the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, showcasing the potential for extraordinary accomplishments through unity.

    In Greek mythology, the legacy of Bellerophon carries profound meanings of aspiration, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the divine. His journey serves as a timeless reminder of the human spirit’s capacity for greatness. The name Bellerophon continues to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams with determination and courage, embodying the enduring spirit of ancient legends.


    Euryale, a name linked to Pegasus in Greek mythology, holds connotations of mythical beauty and may evoke imagery of rainbows and enchanting creatures like the mythical bird associated with its symbolism.

    The association of the name Euryale with Pegasus in Greek mythology dates back to ancient tales, adding layers of depth to its mythical symbolism. Pegasus, the majestic winged horse, is often depicted as a symbol of purity, grace, and inspiration. Euryale’s association with this legendary creature reflects its connection to enchanting imagery and the ethereal world. It may also evoke visions of colorful rainbows and the wonders of nature, capturing the essence of beauty and wonder in the mythical realm.


    Perseus, a name intertwined with Pegasus in Greek mythology, carries associations with constellations and evokes a sense of magical allure befitting its mythological origins.

    In the Greek mythology, Perseus, the legendary hero known for slaying the Gorgon Medusa, is closely linked with the winged horse Pegasus. A significant connection arises from when Perseus, aided by Athena, acquired the head of Medusa, from which Pegasus was born when her blood spilled onto the earth.

    This tale links Perseus and Pegasus in an intriguing way, as their bond extends to the heavenly realm, manifested in the constellation Perseus. It’s said to depict the hero holding the decapitated head of Medusa and positioned nearby is the constellation Pegasus, symbolizing the mighty winged horse.

    Their celestial association brings an element of wonder and magic, as each constellation, set among the stars, carries with it a timeless narrative, allowing the ancient legends of Perseus and Pegasus to endure in the starry skies.


    Andromeda, a name intertwined with Pegasus in Greek mythology, draws inspiration from constellations and encapsulates the mythical allure associated with its celestial connections.

    In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, who boasted about her beauty, leading to a series of events and her eventual rescue by Perseus. The name itself refers to the daughter of this royal couple and is linked to the Andromeda constellation, a prominent feature in the northern sky. Notably, the constellation Pegasus, known for its winged horse symbolism, is often depicted as rescuing Andromeda. The intertwining of these celestial symbols adds depth to the mythical allure associated with their connections.

    What Are Some Unique Pegasus Names?

    Unique Pegasus names encompass a diverse array of mythical and enchanting appellations, often intertwining with the legendary allure of unicorns and the magical essence of Alicorn symbolism.


    Zephyr, a unique Pegasus name rooted in Greek mythology, emanates an ethereal essence, drawing inspiration from the mythological significance of gentle winds and divine meanings associated with its enchanting allure.

    In Greek mythology, Zephyr is synonymous with the gentle and westerly wind, depicted as the kind and mild-mannered divine being that personifies the spring breeze. As the gentle breeze of the west wind, Zephyr’s name carries the essence of tranquility, often symbolizing renewal, rebirth, and the awakening of nature’s beauty.

    This ethereal concept of serenity and grace intertwines seamlessly with the ethereal essence of the Pegasus – a mythical creature known for its divine elegance and exalted status in ancient tales.


    Aurora, a unique Pegasus name resonating with mythical allure, evokes the enchanting imagery of rainbows and celestial inspiration, reflecting its ethereal connections to Greek mythology and the enchanting symbolism it embodies.

    In Greek mythology, Aurora, the goddess of dawn, is often portrayed riding a magnificent chariot drawn by Pegasus, symbolizing the transition from night to day. The name Aurora carries the essence of this celestial journey, symbolizing new beginnings and the promise of a brighter future. Its association with rainbows captures the vivid colors and wondrous spectacle that graces the sky, bringing forth the notion of hope and beauty. The name’s allure lies in its capacity to transport us to a realm of wonder and magic, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur.


    Nimbus, a unique Pegasus name with divine connotations rooted in Greek mythology, exudes a sense of inspiration and carries an ethereal essence reminiscent of celestial divinity.

    According to Greek mythology, Pegasus was a divine winged horse, and the name Nimbus encapsulates this celestial association with its ethereal and otherworldly undertones. The name imbues a sense of mystique, symbolizing the soaring spirit of creativity and inspiration. It evokes imagery of the heavens, where divine beings and celestial entities reside, connecting with the pure inspiration that emanates from these heavenly spheres.


    **Celestia**, a unique Pegasus name encapsulating divine symbolism from Greek mythology, emanates an ethereal essence, evoking a sense of inspiration and celestial allure derived from its mythological connections.

    According to Greek mythology, Pegasus, the winged horse, holds a significant place as a symbol of divine inspiration and poetic artistry. The name Celestia is deeply intertwined with the celestial realms, symbolizing purity and grace. It embodies the essence of the heavens, with its association to the stars and the divine, serving as a source of inspiration and aspiration for those who seek to connect with the mystical and spiritual dimensions of existence.


    Apollo, a unique Pegasus name resonating with magical allure from Greek mythology, embodies the inspired essence of celestial influence and mythical inspiration, reflecting its enchanting connections to the divine realm.

    In Greek mythology, the name Apollo carries an ethereal significance, symbolizing light, music, poetry, and healing. Known as the god of the sun and the arts, Apollo’s influence extends to the realms of prophecy and truth. This mythical figure’s connection to Pegasus evokes a sense of enchantment, as Pegasus itself is a symbol of grace and inspiration, galloping across the starlit skies.

    The blending of Apollo and Pegasus creates a captivating harmony, intertwining the celestial energy of Apollo with the majestic, otherworldly spirit of Pegasus. The name Apollo resonates with a sense of timeless wonder, encapsulating the captivating allure of Greek mythology and the enigmatic resonance of the divine.

    What Are Some Mythological Pegasus Names?

    Mythological Pegasus names carry profound inspirations and symbolic meanings rooted in Greek mythology, evoking the mystique of ancient legends and the timeless allure of mythical creatures.


    Medusa, a mythological Pegasus name intertwined with Greek mythology, exudes unique inspirations and evokes imagery of mystical birds and the enchanting allure associated with its legendary context.

    The name Medusa originates from the Greek word ‘medein’, which means ‘to protect or rule over’. In mythology, Medusa was a Gorgon monster with snakes for hair, capable of turning onlookers into stone. Interestingly, the winged horse Pegasus was born from her blood when the hero Perseus beheaded her. This connection between Medusa and Pegasus intertwines their mystique, symbolizing the interplay between danger and grace.


    Chrysaor, a mythological Pegasus name rooted in Greek mythology, encapsulates unique inspirations and profound meanings drawn from its mythological significance and enduring allure within ancient legends.

    Legend has it that Chrysaor was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, slain by the hero Perseus. The name Chrysaor itself is derived from the Greek word ‘chrysos,’ meaning gold, and ‘aor,’ meaning sword, symbolizing strength and valor. As the brother of Pegasus, Chrysaor embodies the spirit of freedom, grace, and majesty. Fueling the imagination of poets, artists, and storytellers, the name Chrysaor continues to evoke the awe and wonder of Greek mythology, perpetuating its enduring allure through the ages.


    Boreas, a mythological Pegasus name intertwined with Greek mythology, resonates with the allure of constellations and evokes a sense of magical enchantment reflective of its enduring presence within ancient narratives.

    Boreas, the divine personification of the north wind, holds a prominent place in Greek mythology, often depicted as a winged horse with majestic and ethereal qualities. As a celestial figure, Pegasus, with its dazzling presence in the night sky, symbolizes inspiration, freedom, and the unyielding human spirit. The name Boreas itself conjures images of strength and power, echoing the forceful yet graceful nature of the wind. Its mythical resonance fascinates both astronomers and enthusiasts of ancient lore, adding a touch of wonder to the rich tapestry of celestial myths.


    Celeris, a mythological Pegasus name with unique inspirations derived from Greek mythology, conveys profound meanings and embodies the timeless allure of mythical creatures within ancient legends.

    In Greek mythology, Pegasus represents the epitome of freedom, power, and grace. The name Celeris is deeply intertwined with these characteristics, symbolizing swiftness, agility, and untamed spirit.

    According to ancient tales, Pegasus was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa, and its association with the hero Bellerophon further elevated its status. This celestial creature’s name encapsulates the essence of unbridled speed and boundless potential, resonating with the human desire for transcendence and the pursuit of lofty aspirations.


    Eos, a mythological Pegasus name rooted in Greek mythology, emanates mythical inspirations and embodies timeless meanings reminiscent of ancient legends and the allure of mythical creatures.

    In Greek mythology, Eos is primarily known as the goddess of the dawn, symbolizing the arrival of a new day. Pegasus, the winged horse, is famed for its association with poetry and inspiration. Eos’s connection to Pegasus reflects the intertwining of natural elements and mystical beings, creating a captivating blend of celestial symbolism and mythical allure. This timeless confluence of Eos and Pegasus continues to captivate storytellers and enchant audiences across generations, perpetuating the transcendent appeal of ancient mythology.

    What Are Some Names Inspired By Pegasus Characteristics?

    What Are Some Names Inspired By Pegasus Characteristics? - Best Pegasus Names With Meaning

    Credits: Horselife.Org – Brandon Wilson

    Names inspired by Pegasus characteristics encompass a rich tapestry of mythical beauty, often intertwining with the legendary allure of unicorns and the magical essence of Alicorn symbolism.


    The name Swift, inspired by Pegasus characteristics in Greek mythology, exudes an essence of speed and agility, reflecting the mythical allure associated with the legendary winged horse.

    It is no wonder that the image of Pegasus swiftly flying through the clouds has been a symbol of inspiration and awe for centuries. The tales of its unparalleled velocity and nimbleness have ignited creativity and fueled aspirations. The intertwining of this mythical entity with the concept of speed has transcended time and became an enduring motif.

    Just as Pegasus was believed to be the fastest and most agile creature, the name Swift carries an innate association with rapid motion and graceful movements. It encapsulates a spirit of swiftness that encompasses various domains, from technology to literature, intertwining with our collective imagination.


    The name Grace, inspired by Pegasus characteristics in Greek mythology, embodies an essence of elegance and enchantment, evoking imagery of mythical birds and the timeless allure of the winged horse’s grace.

    Grace, with its roots in Greek mythology, captures the mythical essence of Pegasus, the majestic winged horse known for its extraordinary elegance and grace. This name draws upon the enduring allure and captivating beauty of mythical birds, serving as an enchanting symbol of elegance and charm. It symbolizes the fusion of ethereal grace and enchantment, resonating a timeless allure that has transcended generations.

    The enduring legend of Pegasus, with its graceful wings and enchanting presence, has sparked an enduring fascination with the concept of grace, inspiring artistic expressions and creative interpretations across various cultures. The name Grace exemplifies this captivating allure, infusing an essence of elegance, sophistication, and timeless appeal.


    The name Sky, inspired by Pegasus characteristics in Greek mythology, encapsulates an essence of boundless freedom and timeless beauty, reflective of the mythical allure associated with the legendary winged horse’s celestial connections.

    Embarking upon a journey through ancient Greek myths, the name Sky channels the spirit of Pegasus, the majestic winged horse often depicted as soaring through the heavens. Just as Pegasus represented freedom and grace, the name Sky invokes a sense of limitless possibilities and the elegance of the celestial realm.

    With its celestial connotations, the name Sky evokes a sense of transcendent beauty and unbounded spirit, much like the graceful flight of Pegasus through the stars, inspiring countless generations with its mythical allure.


    The name Wing, inspired by Pegasus characteristics in Greek mythology, symbolizes an essence of flight and ethereal beauty, reflecting the mythical allure associated with the legendary winged horse’s graceful wings.

    This mystical association with flight and grace has influenced various facets of human creativity, from literature to art and even aviation. The concept of Wings has been prevalent in many cultural representations, signifying freedom, power, and transcendence. The enduring appeal of the Pegasus creature has led to the adoption of Wing within popular culture, serving as a timeless symbol of aspiration and limitless potential, resonating with people’s desire for boundless exploration and achievement.


    The name Star, inspired by Pegasus characteristics in Greek mythology, evokes an essence of celestial radiance and timeless allure, reflecting the mythical inspirations drawn from the legendary winged horse’s connections to constellations and celestial symbolism.

    Its association with the celestial bodies extends to the formation of the Pegasus constellation, which adds a layer of wonder to its name. Just as Pegasus was said to have been immortalized in the stars, the name Star captures this sense of eternal beauty and transcendent energy. The enduring appeal of this name lies in its ability to evoke a sense of cosmic magic and the majesty of the heavens, offering a timeless allure that has captivated generations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best Pegasus names with meaning?

    Some of the best Pegasus names with meaning are “Aria” which means “air” or “song”, “Eurus” which means “east wind”, “Ilios” which means “sun”, “Nimbus” which means “cloud”, “Astral” which means “of the stars”, and “Celeste” which means “heavenly”.

    What is the significance of choosing a meaningful name for a Pegasus?

    Choosing a meaningful name for a Pegasus can help establish a stronger bond between the owner and the creature. It can also reflect the personality or characteristics of the Pegasus, making them even more special.

    Can I choose a name for my Pegasus that is not on the list?

    Absolutely! The list of best Pegasus names with meaning is just a suggestion. You are free to come up with your own unique and meaningful name for your Pegasus.

    Do Pegasus names with meaning have any cultural or mythological references?

    Some Pegasus names may have cultural or mythological references, such as “Athena” which is the name of a Greek goddess, or “Pegasus” which is the name of the iconic winged horse from Greek mythology.

    What are some other factors to consider when choosing a name for a Pegasus?

    Other factors to consider when choosing a name for a Pegasus include the Pegasus’s appearance, personality, and any special abilities or powers they may possess.

    Can I change my Pegasus’s name if I find a better one?

    Of course! Just like any other pet, you are free to change your Pegasus’s name if you find a better one that suits them. It’s important to choose a name that you and your Pegasus both love.

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