Facts About Roy Rogers’ Horse Trigger

In the world of entertainment and pop culture, few duos have captivated audiences quite like Roy Rogers and his legendary horse, Trigger. Known for their thrilling performances in movies, television, and live shows, this dynamic pair left an indelible mark on American Western history. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the fascinating story of Trigger, delving into his origins, unique features, rise to fame, and enduring legacy. From Trigger’s real name and breed to his remarkable talents and the other horses in Roy Rogers’ stable, we’ll uncover the captivating details that have solidified Trigger as an icon in the annals of Hollywood and beyond. Plus, we’ll shed light on Trigger’s posthumous journey and the enduring impact that he and Roy Rogers have had on the world of entertainment. Get ready to embark on a journey through the captivating world of Roy Rogers’ beloved equine companion, Trigger.

Who is Roy Rogers?

Roy Rogers, known as the ‘King of the Cowboys’, was a prominent figure in Hollywood’s entertainment industry, celebrated for his captivating filmography and engaging appearances in Western movies.

His influence on the entertainment industry extended far beyond his on-screen performances. Roy Rogers was not only an accomplished actor but also a talented musician and a shrewd businessman. His contributions to Hollywood were significant, shaping the Western genre and inspiring numerous actors and filmmakers.

Throughout his career, Roy Rogers starred in over 100 films and television episodes, leaving an indelible mark with his charismatic portrayals of cowboy heroes. He became a role model for many, embodying the ideals of courage, integrity, and frontier justice that were central to the Western ethos.

What is the Name of Roy Rogers’ Horse?

What is the Name of Roy Rogers

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The iconic horse partnered with Roy Rogers in movies and television was named Trigger, captivating audiences with its remarkable stunts and performances throughout their movie and television appearances.

Trigger became more than just a co-star; it became a beloved character in its own right. Known for its intelligence, loyalty, and agility, Trigger added an undeniable allure to Roy Rogers’ on-screen presence. Together, they delivered exhilarating scenes that left a lasting impression on the audience.

Their partnership spanned over 20 films, including the classic ‘The Golden Stallion‘ and ‘My Pal Trigger,’ cementing their legacy in the Western film genre. Trigger’s ability to perform daring stunts, such as rearing up on its hind legs or executing precision maneuvers, added an extra layer of excitement to the cinematic experience.

How Did Roy Rogers Meet Trigger?

Roy Rogers first encountered the legendary horse Trigger through the expertise of Hollywood animal trainer Glenn Randall, who recognized the extraordinary potential of Trigger’s natural ability for tricks and performances.

Glenn Randall, known for his mastery in training animals for Hollywood movies, was instrumental in introducing Roy Rogers to Trigger. Randall’s keen eye for recognizing the potential of animals in the entertainment industry led him to select Trigger for the partnership with Rogers. Trigger’s remarkable agility and intelligence made him a standout among other horses, capturing the attention of both Randall and Rogers. Through collaborative efforts, Randall and Rogers honed Trigger’s talents, showcasing a repertoire of unique tricks and performances that solidified their bond and made them an iconic duo in the entertainment world.

What Breed is Trigger?

What Breed is Trigger? - Facts About Roy Rogers

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Trigger, the beloved horse of Roy Rogers, was a magnificent Quarter Horse, renowned for its distinctive features and exceptional performance capabilities.

A distinctive characteristic of the Quarter Horse breed is its muscular build, compact frame, and powerful hindquarters, which make them well-suited for activities such as sprinting, cutting, and rodeo events.

What set Trigger apart were its agility, speed, and intelligence, traits that enabled it to excel in various disciplines, from barrel racing to reining.

Renowned for its loyalty and gentle disposition, Trigger was not only a remarkable athlete but also a beloved companion to Roy Rogers, captivating audiences with its versatility and grace in the arena.

What is Trigger’s Real Name?

The real name of the legendary horse Trigger, famously partnered with Roy Rogers in Hollywood movies, was Golden Cloud, a name that symbolized its captivating presence and impact on audiences.

Golden Cloud became a significant figure in the context of Hollywood movies for its incredible on-screen presence and the deep connection it held with the audience. The bond between Roy Rogers and Golden Cloud was more than just a partnership; it was a symbol of trust, loyalty, and strength. Their collaboration brought about a sense of freedom, adventure, and exhilaration, resonating deeply with the values cherished by the viewers.

What are Trigger’s Unique Features?

Trigger, the remarkable equine partner of Roy Rogers, possessed several unique features that captivated audiences, especially children, with its stunning stunts and enchanting performances.

Golden Palomino Color

Trigger’s striking golden palomino color made it an iconic presence in Western movies, capturing the essence of the genre with its majestic appearance and captivating on-screen charisma.

The stunning palomino coat was not only visually striking, but it also symbolized the spirit of the American West, representing freedom, strength, and adventure. Audiences were mesmerized by Trigger’s radiant color, which added an extra layer of excitement and allure to the classic Western narratives. Its portrayal on screen resonated with the genre’s essence, becoming a beloved symbol of the cowboy culture. Trigger’s distinct appearance exemplified the bond between horse and rider, creating a timeless connection that continues to inspire Western enthusiasts.

White Star on Forehead

The prominent white star on Trigger’s forehead was one of its defining features, enhancing its appearance and adding a touch of elegance to its captivating on-screen presence.

The white star not only made Trigger visually striking but also contributed to the horse’s unique charm, making it instantly recognizable to audiences. Trigger’s commanding yet graceful presence, coupled with the distinct white star, made it a memorable and beloved figure in the world of film and entertainment. The white star on its forehead symbolized purity and strength, aligning perfectly with Trigger’s persona both on and off-screen.

Natural Ability for Tricks

Trigger’s natural ability for performing tricks and captivating performances, honed under the guidance of Hollywood animal trainer Glenn Randall, solidified its status as an iconic and beloved equine star.

Glenn Randall’s expertise and innovative training methods significantly shaped Trigger’s exceptional aptitude for intricate tricks and jaw-dropping performances. With each skillful display, Trigger mesmerized audiences and fueled the timeless appeal of the Western film genre. The seamless integration of its remarkable talents in renowned productions elevated Trigger to an enduring symbol of equine charisma and unparalleled showmanship.

How Did Trigger Become Famous?

How Did Trigger Become Famous? - Facts About Roy Rogers

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Trigger gained immense fame through its captivating appearances alongside Roy Rogers in Hollywood movies, enchanting audiences with its remarkable stunts and endearing performances, solidifying its iconic status as a star in the world of entertainment.

The collaboration of Trigger and Roy Rogers in Hollywood movies was not just a mere partnership; it was a remarkable fusion of talent and charm that left an indelible mark on the audience. As the movies featuring Trigger and Roy Rogers gained immense popularity, Trigger became an icon for generations, personifying the epitome of equine elegance and prowess.

What Happened to Trigger After Roy Rogers’ Death?

After Roy Rogers’ passing, Trigger’s legacy was preserved through the establishment of the Roy Rogers and Trigger Museum, ensuring that the beloved equine star’s memory and impact on entertainment would endure for future generations.

The museum provides a comprehensive look into Trigger’s storied career, featuring exhibits that showcase the horse’s astonishing training, numerous film and television appearances, and the undeniable bond shared with Rogers. Its collection includes original saddles, costumes, and personal items, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into the world of this iconic pair. By honoring their contributions, the museum serves as a beacon for fans, scholars, and enthusiasts, fostering a continued appreciation for their significant influence.

Where is Trigger Now?

Following Roy Rogers’ passing, Trigger’s legacy continues to be honored at the Roy Rogers and Trigger Museum in Apple Valley, California, ensuring that the beloved equine star’s memory remains an enduring part of Hollywood’s rich heritage.

Visitors to the museum can marvel at Trigger’s preserved remains, including his iconic saddle and bridle, which serve as poignant reminders of his storied career in film and television. The museum also features an array of memorabilia, from vintage movie posters to personal artifacts belonging to Roy Rogers himself.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Trigger’s enduring legacy is the influence he had on subsequent generations of Hollywood stars and filmmakers. His graceful presence and remarkable intelligence captivated audiences and contributed to the enduring mystique of the American West in popular culture.

What Other Horses Did Roy Rogers Have?

Plus Trigger, Roy Rogers had other notable horses including Buttermilk, Trigger Jr., and Bullet, each contributing to his illustrious career in the realm of Western movies and television.

Buttermilk, a striking palomino mare, was a beloved companion of Roy Rogers, known for her agility and grace.

Trigger Jr., the son of the famous Trigger, also gained a significant following for his appearances in films alongside Rogers, captivating audiences with his striking resemblance to his father.

Bullet, the loyal German Shepherd, was not just a trusted friend but a daring and heroic sidekick, bringing a unique dynamic to Rogers’ on-screen presence.


Buttermilk, a notable equine companion of Roy Rogers, played a significant role in his entertainment career, contributing to the charm and allure of Western movies and television appearances.

Buttermilk was not just a horse in the life of Roy Rogers; she was a trusted partner who was featured in numerous films and television shows alongside Rogers. Their on-screen chemistry and Buttermilk’s graceful presence captivated the audience, enhancing the authenticity of the Western genre.

Roy Rogers and Buttermilk’s bond extended beyond the silver screen, as they became iconic symbols of the cowboy era, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.

Trigger Jr.

Trigger Jr., another notable horse associated with Roy Rogers, made impactful appearances in Western movies and television, contributing to the captivating allure of the genre alongside its equine counterparts.

As a successor to the renowned Trigger, Trigger Jr. carried on the legacy of grace, speed, and agility, complementing the charismatic presence of Roy Rogers. This steed’s spirited performances added depth and excitement to the Western narratives, galloping across sweeping landscapes and navigating through daring stunts with breathtaking finesse.

Trigger Jr.’s on-screen chemistry with Rogers resonated with audiences, forming an enduring bond that epitomized the quintessential cowboy-horse partnership. Together with other equine companions like Buttermilk and Bullet, Trigger Jr. reinforced the portrayal of loyalty, bravery, and adventure, elevating the cultural significance of Western storytelling.


Bullet, a notable equine partner of Roy Rogers, left a lasting impression on Hollywood’s entertainment industry, enriching the charm and appeal of Western movies and television through its memorable appearances.

Appearing alongside Roy Rogers in numerous films and television shows, Bullet became an iconic symbol of the Western genre, captivating audiences with its remarkable presence and exceptional abilities. The bond between Rogers and Bullet resonated with viewers, elevating the storytelling and adding a layer of authenticity to the narratives.

As a beloved companion to Rogers, Bullet not only embodied the spirit of the American West but also portrayed the loyalty, courage, and resilience that were integral to the characters and stories portrayed on screen. Its contributions to the entertainment industry extended beyond mere performance, shaping the cultural landscape and perpetuating the legacy of Westerns to this day.

What is the Legacy of Trigger and Roy Rogers?

What is the Legacy of Trigger and Roy Rogers? - Facts About Roy Rogers

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The legacy of Trigger and Roy Rogers lives on through the Happy Trails Foundation, preserving their enduring impact on Hollywood’s entertainment industry and ensuring that their contributions continue to inspire and captivate audiences.

Trigger, the famous Golden Palomino horse and his rider Roy Rogers left an indelible mark on the history of American film and entertainment. Their partnership was one of the most beloved and enduring in the entertainment industry, spanning across movies, television, and music.

Their influence is still felt today through the Happy Trails Foundation, an organization dedicated to keeping their spirit alive and honoring their legacy. The foundation’s efforts in preserving memorabilia, promoting western heritage, and supporting charitable causes reflect the enduring impact of Rogers and Trigger on popular culture and the entertainment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breed of horse was Roy Rogers’ famous horse Trigger?

Trigger was an American quarter horse, known for his stunning golden coat and flashy white blaze on his face.

Where did Roy Rogers first get Trigger?

Roy Rogers purchased Trigger in 1938 from a ranch in San Diego, California, for $2,500.

What was Trigger’s original name before Roy Rogers changed it?

Trigger’s original name was Golden Cloud, but Roy Rogers changed it to match his popular nickname, “The King of the Cowboys”.

How did Trigger become famous?

Trigger became famous for his on-screen performances with Roy Rogers in movies and television shows, showcasing his intelligence and ability to perform stunts.

Did Trigger have any special talents?

Yes, Trigger was trained to do a variety of tricks and stunts, including counting, bowing, and even “shooting” a gun with his hoof.

Where is Trigger now?

After his death in 1965, Trigger was taxidermied and put on display at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California. The museum closed in 2009, and Trigger can now be seen at the Branson, Missouri location of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Happy Trails Theater.

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